Summer session II A

All courses are group format with parent or caregiver in the water.




We believe our students benefit most through our group classes as they provide a positive learning experience through “peer learning” and an encouraging social atmosphere. Our unique format with a parent in the water acting as “assistant” for each child means no one “waits on the steps” for their turn. Everyone gets one on one attention from their parent (under the direction of the coach/teacher), no one shivers or gets bored waiting, everyone is active the entire 30 minute class. A parent’s presence provides focus and direction, is comforting and allows for more rapid and efficient progress in class as well as correct home practice later.


Level I – Getting Started (Non-swimmers): (Ages 5-12 yrs.)

This course playfully guides beginning swimmers and their parent through our compassionate, interactive, and gradual learning progression. Through a variety of creative and engaging activities, children will learn comfort in the water, breath control, facial immersion, pushing off the steps and kicking. Eventually they will be propelling themselves several feet through the water with their face submerged. They will also learn wall skills and front floating.


Level II – Recovering for a Breath & Pool Wall Safety Skills: (Ages 5 – 12 yrs.)

Prerequisite: Children must be able to propel themselves with a steady kick, face submerged, holding their breath for 5 seconds without taking in water and enjoy it. They must be comfortable. (With Parent)*

Increasing endurance, recovering for a breath and learning to jump in the pool and return to the side are the focus of this course. Front and back float will also be covered.


Level III – Kicking on Back and Body Rolls (Hot Dogs): (Ages 5 -12 yrs.)

Pre-requisite: Entrance by teacher recommendation only. Children must be able to kick a distance of 20 feet recovering up and down for a breath and be able to hold their breath for at least 7 seconds. They must be able to jump in and swim back to the wall. (With Parent)*

This course teaches correct body position and kick for swimming on the back. Not only is this vital for safety but it also lays the foundation for horizontal body rolls (Hot Dogs). Once proper form has been mastered on flutter kicking on the back, the Hot Dog will be taught. This is our age appropriate short-cut to learning freestyle breathing. Other skills such as treading water and surface dives will be covered.


Level IV – Freestyle and Backstroke: (Ages 5 -12 yrs.)

Pre-requisite: Entrance by teacher recommendation only. Children must be able to kick 30 feet, recovering up and down for a breath. Children must be able to kick 20 feet, rhythmically rolling on their back to the same side for a breath. (With Parent)*

The straight arm stroke will be combined with rhythmic breathing (1-2-3 breathe) and flutter kick to learn a long, smooth freestyle. No drowning mosquitoes here. Back-stroke, fining, and sculling will also be introduced and safety skills will be improved.


Level V – More Stroking: (Ages 5-12 yrs.)

Pre-requisite: Entrance by teacher recommendation only. Children must be able to swim 30 feet freestyle with rhythmic breathing (1-2-3-Breathe). Children must be able to swim backstroke 30 feet. (With Parent)*
Here we will refine the freestyle and backstroke while increasing endurance. Butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke will be introduced.


*If a parent/babysitter cannot get in the water in “parent required” classes for ages 5 to 12, please contact Rob or Kathy about possible alternatives.