The week-day morning classes (Spring & Summer) are at the Athletic Fieldhouse / at the heated Main Aquatic Center.
The week-end pool (for Spring, Summer & Fall) is at the A. D. Henderson University School on the FAU campus. Note: We will start the week-end classes at the heated Main Aquatic Center, and move over to the Henderson School once the water there is warm enough.

Map of FAU Campus with both Swimming Pool locations marked. Click to enlarge.


Parking for Week Day morning classes:

Directions to Main Pool at the Florida Atlantic University Athletic Field House (west side of campus between baseball stadium and basketball field house). There is a reasonable fee for parking for the week-day classes.

The week-day morning classes are held at the main aquatic center on the west side of campus. Enter the main entrance of FAU (the one with the big neon sign) located on Glades Road entering campus on Broward Ave (NW 10th street). Proceed about 1/2 mile straight into campus. You will pass soccer fields on the left hand side. When you get to the stop light inside campus, take a left. You will see the baseball stadium to the left, adjacent to the pool. Park in that lot. Walk to the one story, flat-roofed patio area (Field House). The first pool you come through after the patio is the Teaching Pool and the location of our classes.

For 2016: Rear window parking decal for main FAU parking lot #15 

Note: The electric parking meters are no longer available.

FAU charges for parking during the week. For our swim families it will be at a greatly reduced fee for the Spring/Summer. Normally parking is $25 per month.

Purchase a Summer FAU Parking Decal thru the swim school at a cost of $30…good from April 25 thru Labor Day (September). This tag is at a greatly reduced summer fee and allows unlimited blue space parking in Lot #15.

Parking on the university campus is regulated and comes under the jurisdiction of the University Traffic and Parking Enforcement. Tickets are issued thru that department. You will be responsible for paying your own tickets, if you choose not to purchase the summer parking pass.

The lot the swim school uses is LOT #15, in front of the pool.
Rules Governing Use of Lot #15
BLUE Spaces ARE AVAILABLE WITH PERMIT purchased thru us from the University Traffic and Parking Office

In this lot you may NOT park in RED SPACES which are designated for Staff and Faculty…nor in HANDICAP ACCESS SPACES…nor in ORANGE SPACES used by Lifelong Learning Center students.

Please respect the University’s parking policies and drive safely in the lot entering and exiting.Be aware that other drivers may not abide by slow speed limits in the parking lot!!! Please take small children by the hand in the parking lot.

If there is a big event on a particular day and the lot is full you can park either in front of or behind the FAU gymnasium just to the north of the pool.

For the week-day students on the first day of class bring your tag number, drivers license along with $25. We will have you fill out a FAU parking form. We will gather all the forms together and take them to the FAU Parking department for you and give you a parking sticker when they are ready.


FALL Parking for Week-day classes at the Main Aquatic Center.

Dear Swim Families:

As you know by now there are only 4 parking meters left in lot 15. They are first come first serve.

Also, last year some parents parked without a permit and never received a ticket. Several received tickets after 11:15. However, this is no guarantee that you will not receive a ticket if you do not park at the coin meter or purchase a temporary pass. The choice is yours. If you do receive a ticket the $25 cost will be your responsibility.

To make things convenient for you I suggest that you buy a monthly pass, which covers you for 28 days. (approx. $3.00 per day). You can purchase the passes on-line, or at the main entrance Kiosk to the right as you enter FAU from Glades Road.

If you would like, for your convienience, Scott can take your parking pass registrtion form over to the parking headquarters and purchase a monthly pass on your behalf. Please bring your drivers license and your license plate number to class.
Visitor parking Temporary Parking Passes & Permits on line.
Temporary Permits for visitors or guests may be purchased online by creating a guest account.

If you don’t already have a guest account, you can create a guest account here . If you are a returning guest, you can login to your guest account here.

Once logged into the parking Account, choose Purchase Permits to begin the process.
Permits are: assigned to a vehicle and a person and are non-transferableare effective immediately must have the correct vehicle information or the permit will be not be valid non-refundable

At the end of registration, you will need to print the temporary permit. Ensure you are at a computer with a printer attached.

Temporary Parking Passes and Temporary Parking Permits can also be obtained either at the Information Booth or at the Parking and Transportation Services Office. If you need to park on campus for an extended amount of time you may also choose to purchase a temporary permit to fit your need.

Temporary Permit Fees
Temporary Passes are available for one month at a time. You will need to return to the office to renew after the permit has expired. Please bring in your vehicle registration and your driver’s license. When purchasing a pass you may either pay with cash or credit.

1 Day Visitor Pass $2.00
1 Week Visitor Pass (7 days) $8.00
1 Month Visitor Pass (28 days) $25.00
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the office by calling 561-297-2771 or by e-mailing us at

Single coin operated Meters are available for visitors coming to our campus for short periods of time. You can pay the multispace meters at different locations around the campus.

On each meter there is information on how long you can pay the meter for. Please do not overfeed the meter. You will not obtain the extra time paid for and there are no refunds. All meters are enforced 24/7.

Week-end Classes:

Week-end classes will be held at the AD Henderson Pool until, the pool temperate is too cold for the mom’s, I mean the babies. At that point we will move back over to the HEATED main pool.

At this point FAU does not charge for parking on the week-ends.

Directions to Florida Atlantic University A.D. Henderson University School Pool (east side of campus 1 block north of 20th street and the Presidents Mansion)

The week-end classes are held at the A.D. Henderson University School pool on the east side of the Florida Atlantic University campus. When entering from Glades Road while driving east from I-95, turn left into FAU at the last campus entrance on Florida Atlantic Blvd (NW 13th street), the one furthest east. You will drive about 2/3 mile until you see the stop light. About 100 yards straight past the stop light you will see the school on the right hand side of the road.
Take a right hand turn into the schools drive way. Continue straight down the driveway to near the end and turn left into the rear parking lot. Even though it says “faculty only” it is OK for us to park there on week-ends and evenings.
Park near the green dumpsters. (I know not appealing but they make great landmarks.)
Use the rear gate entrance into the school yard. After passing through the gate, take a left on the covered sidewalk and follow it along the pool fence and it will lead you to the pool entrance.
The Henderson school is normally closed on the weekends. Please do not enter the actual school building, as we are not permitted inside. However, the pool area does have locker rooms which are available to us.

On rare occasions the lot is full, in this case additional parking spaces are available in front of the school in lot 26 A or across the street.  Sometimes we compete for parking spaces with the folks using the soccer fields, especially Saturdays.


Florida Atlantic University Campus : 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431 – larger interactive Google Map.
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