Conforming to Infant/Toddler Learning Cycle

“A little bit on a lot of days”


In order to give full developmentally appropriate advantage to those students new to swimming (Water Adjustment and Basic Skills), we recommend that you initially attend the optimal learning format 4x per week for 4 weeks. * We will offer a courtesy class on Saturdays for those families involved in other children’s activity programs during the week. This is truly the best and fairest way to introduce you and your child to the wonderful and exciting transition from land to water. Continuity and repetition greatly enhances your child’s ability to adapt to this new situation and unique liquid environment. Our 32 years of experience teaching thousands of babies has taught us that “a little bit on a lot of days” (minimum 4x per week in the beginning stages) is far more effective and fluid than once or twice per week because it conforms to the natural infant/toddler learning cycle. This can eliminate potential frustration on the part of both parent and child and creates an ideal opportunity for “baby friendly” learning.


Most students will be adjusted to the water, comfortably submerge on the breath holding cue and swim a few feet after one month. Those children (or parents) apprehensive, timid or demonstrating discomfort with water poured on their face may take two months or more to adapt at their own pace. Those children who have been traumatized by previous aggressive lessons need time, patience, exposure and trust to re-establish a calm acceptance of water and teachers. This “unlearning” of fear and mistrust is highly individual and will take a considerable amount of time.


Once children can safely and happily swim a few feet, attending class 4 x per week is not as critical. We have observed from this point forward, that while 4 x per week is optimal, family scheduling can make this difficult. In this case a minimum of swimming at least two times per week is suggested.

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