Learning to swim can be one of the most memorable experiences of childhood—a celebration, a rite of passage, a gift of freedom, a burst of self-esteem! Are you looking to introduce your baby or toddler to swimming in a sensible way that fits your positive parenting style? Welcome to the Lifestyle Swim School® with it’s holistic teaching method Serenity Swim®.  Owned and directed by acclaimed learn-to-swim experts Rob and Kathy McKay for 36 years.  The Lifestyle Swim School is a special family friendly community where you join in the water with your child, along other like-minded, patient and nurturing parents in a group class environment. Our emphasis is on teaching directly at the babies/child’s unique pace, observing readiness and comfort and offering skills in a smooth, natural progression. Baby swimming should be a joyful, playful, holistic experience. We believe learning to swim should happen without tears, trauma or force. The journey is as important as the destination. The Lifestyle Swim School teaches babies and trains teachers from all over the world.

The Lifestyle Swim School’s Serenity Swim Network Licensing and Certification program is approved as a “Nationally Recognized Aquatic Training Program” by the State of Florida.


Our group format with a parent in the pool with us, along with toys, games and songs fosters family bonding and makes learning life skills fun. Rob and Kathy McKay are considered as leading experts in baby swimming and infant swimming. They speak and conduct workshops all over the world.  Their book Learn to Swim is used as a text book for training teachers for Swim Australia. In 2016, the McKay’s were invited to be keynote speakers at a baby swim conference at Cambridge University in England, in addition to being invited to speak in Poland, Russia and New Zealand.


Aquatic learning environments for our youngest students—ages 3 months through 4 years old—are specially designed with the same emphasis as the most recognized and successful land-based, early-childhood programs—Montessori and Waldorf, for example. The McKays themselves are recognized and respected as world standard-bearers for gentle, playful, child-centered and effective learn-to-swim methods. Learning at these critical ages is not just about acquiring skills, but about development of the whole child–body, mind, and spirit.  We are here to help your child soar—to make sure his physical and emotional well-being is fostered and his life enhanced by water learning. Our emphasis on kindness, joy, understanding and patience yields a thoroughly positive atmosphere for a lifetime of competent water citizenship and enjoyment.

Lifestyle Swim School®  is a celebration of life…being in the moment with your child…an encouraging journey…a happy, playful party in the pool!! Welcome to solid, authentic learning that is enjoyed each step of the way toward water proficiency. Join us in Boca Raton at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) main pool and at Henderson School on the FAU campus.


Dear Rob and Kathy: “A massive thanks to you and your wonderful school for providing us such a beautiful experience and precious mother & child moments.  Being “swim partners” (Antonela & I) and seeing her develop a love for the water and also achieve milestone after milestone is not only heartwarming, but priceless for us.  A huge thank you from the depths of our hearts for everything you do for us and the rest of the community.  It is such a gift to find people that truly care for and respect children and the way they learn naturally.  By nourishing these little souls, you are making such a huge impact.  The positive and loving energy we feel during and after the classes is a sure sign you are doing many things right and we are blessed to have the opportunity to take your classes.  Much luck to you both. “
Antonela, Virginia, and Stan


Once you have read this website, we also invite you to visit our educational website on gentle baby swimming,   Baby Swimming~The Gentle Journey


We are always ready to try to answer your swim school questions.  For fastest reply please send us an email : Lifestyleswim@gmail.com

All the best,
Rob and Kathy