Authors: Learn to Swim


Rob and Kathy are thrilled to share their combined 50 years of teaching experience with parents in their baby swimming book, Learn to Swim. The 128-page book is a step-by-step, illustrated, “how-to” for parents focusing on the couples’ gentle, child-centered, learn through play approach for teaching infants, toddlers and tykes (ages 6 Book covermonths – 4 years) how to swim. Published by DK Publishing, Learn to Swim features the McKay’s Lifestyle Swim School students and parents. The book’s amazing photography captures our local families as they demonstrate the fine points of technique, the incredible joys of baby swimming and the unique opportunities for family bonding in the water Learn to Swim has been consistently ranked among the top selling learn to swim books for infants and toddlers in the world.


Note: The hard copy of the book has sold out in the United States and most countries. Currently, you may need to order a used copy of the book. If you have any problems locating one, please contact our office.


Learn to Swim  has been translated into 4 languages:  German, Italian, Portuguese, and English adapted for British and Australian distribution. The McKays’ book is used as part of the technique portion of the Swim Australia teacher training program (the McKays were both among contributing authors of the curriculum for the program).



Contributors: The Expert’s Guide to the Baby Years


Expert contributors Rob and Kathy McKay attended the launch party for The Experts’ Guide to the Baby Years , in New York City, Times Square. The party benefited Baby Buggy and was hosted by Jessica Seinfeld (wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld). Compiled by creator Samantha Ettus, the book features 100 experts on baby’s first years. The McKay’s chapter is entitled “Introducing Your Baby to Swimming: the Pearls of the Pool” Among fellow expert contributors are nationally recognized psychologists, pediatricians, authors and child care experts. Included are Dr. Bill Sears (pediatrician and author of 30 books on child care) Dr. Gail Saltz (mental health contributor on NBC’s “Today” show) , Pauline Frommer (of the famous travel guides), and designers Liz Lang, Kate Spade and Lucy Sykes.

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Kathy and Rob McKay with fellow Expert “Iron Chef” Cat Cora at the New York launch party



Producers: “ Diaper Dolphins” Video Series

The ground-breaking video series, ( now on DVD),  Diaper Dolphins, was written, directed, filmed and produced by the McKays.   America’s leading authorities on positive, gentle, non-traumatic swim instruction for young children took their cameras both above and under water to film the joys of baby swimming in a sensible, step-by-step guide for parents and teachers seeking to introduce babies to aquatic instruction basics.  Diaper Dolphins I received two prestigious Telly Awards. Both videos were used by the following national and international organizations for teacher training programs: National Swim School Association; Canadian Red Cross (BC); New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association; Australian Swim Coaches Association. Both volumes have been sold around the world to parents, teachers and institutions.



Creators: Baby Swimming –The Gentle Journey


The McKays created their web site, Baby Swimming—The Gentle Journey, as a clearinghouse for information on baby swimming using a holistic, mindful, child-centered , gentle, and non-traumatic approach. Visitors number over a million from nearly every country in the world, placing the site consistently in the top 3 baby swimming sites on the web.