Prior to Starting Your Lessons

Required Reading for Swim School Orientation


prep01Use our book and web site as your orientation for class

Our book, Learn to Swim, is your text book.  Read pages 1-53 before attending classes.  Familiarize yourself with safe entries, how to hold your child, format of activities.

Practice playful water pouring activities in the bath (page 38).

Study our web site: Click here: Baby Swimming~The Gentle Journey

Rob and Kathy created “Baby Swimming – The Gentle Journey” Lifestyle’s educational web page devoted to the child-centered, non traumatic method of infant/toddler swim instruction. This site receives over 7000 visitors per month and has been visited from over 159 countries.


Supply List

  • Baby’s swim suit (preferably with snug elastic around the legs) One or two piece sun    protection suits are also permissible.
  • Swim Diaper–disposable or reusable.
  • Spare regular diaper, spare swim diaper.
  • Swim Suit for parent (sun protection rash guard also permissible/ advisable).
  • Child safe sun block applied 1/2 hour before class so it can absorb and do its job and so children are not slippery in our hands.
  • Ear drops for after swimming ( OTC brands include, Star Otic, Water Baby, Swim Ear, Auro Dri)
  • Towels for parent and child
  • Any change of clothes necessary for after class.




First Day of Class

Please come 25 minutes early for check-in.

FAU Main Aquatic Center week-day classes only–bring your driver’s license number, vehicle tag number to the registration table and $25 if you wish to receive a FAU parking permit. You will be completing an FAU parking permit form for April 25 to Labor Day. (a great deal).

On the first day of class, there will be a brief orientation meeting before entering the pool.


Our Facilities

We are in outdoor at all locations.

Our facilities include bathrooms, showers, changing areas, chairs and tables.  You may also change your children on the deck area using your beach towel.

A receptacle is provided for disposal of diapers. Please do not leave wet swim diapers on the deck or tables.

Because of ants and bugs, please snack outside the pool deck area and dispose of all waste immediately in the trash cans provided.