Procedures, Protocols and Philosophy


1. Patient parenting is the key to success. Be positive and in the moment.


2. When your instructor is speaking, please refrain from talking so that you and your classmates can hear and therefore benefit from the instruction.


3. Thank you for not entering the pool before class begins. You will be called to class, by your instructor, who will assist your safe entry. When class is over, students and parents will need to exit the pool under the direction of the instructor.


4. Only class participants are allowed in the water. This is not open swim. No siblings, relatives or friends are allowed to play in the pool as this can be disruptive to the class, as well as not being covered by our insurance. Siblings on the deck must be quiet and well behaved and stay within the teaching pool deck area. Use or play on any of the diving boards is not permitted.


5. A “swim diaper” must be worn underneath the swimsuit for non-toilet trained infants and toddlers. Diapers are not permitted in the pool.


6. As our swim school is based on a positive atmosphere, if your child is having a bad moment or screams on the deck or in the water, please try to calm them or move them to a quieter location. Never force your child to perform skills in class. Please do not go ahead of the teacher or their recommendations. I.e. with submersions, length of swims etc. You are here to encourage. This is not a competition against others or with yourself. Enjoy and be in the moment.


7. Never switch or substitute with an untrained dad or mom, grandparent or nanny at swim class. Always have a new adult attend class first with you in the water, several times so that they can be trained in class procedure and become aware of the child’s current capabilities. They need to understand our “child-centered” philosophy and study this entire web site Click here: Home – Lifestyle Swim School , and our sister web site, Babyswimming~ The Gentle Journey at and study our book Learn to Swim. An untrained substitute can be detrimental to your child’s safety and well-being and disruptive to the class.


8. Make-up classes are available during your current session only and may not be carried over to the next session.


9. Absolutely no smoking.


10. Because of ants and bugs, please snack outside the pool deck area and dispose of all waste immediately in the trash cans provided.


11. No gum chewing by parent or child in the pool (choking hazard) or on the deck.


12. Limit your cell phone usage; this is your special time with your child.


13. All children must be supervised at all times. Stay with-in an arm’s reach while in the baby pool. Never leave your child unattended near water, this includes the baby pool. No running on the pool deck.


14. As guests of FAU, please respect that you and your children are not allowed to use their other equipment…trampolines, diving boards, starting blocks, play gyms, or swings.


15. We reserve the right to remove those participants who “opt out” by failing to abide by our Serenity Swim at Lifestyle Swim School gentle philosophy, who are disrespectful to staff or other parents, who are not exhibiting behavior conducive to a wholesome family atmosphere, who use inappropriate language or who are not abiding by the aforementioned rules above.

Class Minimums

In order to create a minimum of 6 students per class, we may be combining some classes. We aim to enroll 12 students per class.


Legal Holidays

For both Track I and II there will be no classes on: Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day – July 4; or Labor Day – Monday.


School Vacation Closings

Swim school will be closed for several one week periods, as noted on the schedule, and no classes offered.


Parking for those wishing to come watch a swim class:

  1. Four coin parking meters are available on the North side of the Lot and are available on a “first come, first served” basis. No permit required.
  2. A temp permit for the DAY IS $2.00, week is $8.00, a month $25.00. The daily pass is available at the Information booth when you first drive into FAU at the main entrance. You will need your vehicle registration and drivers license and a credit card to purchase the pass.