Our Philosophy centers on teaching the whole child (body, mind/emotions, spirit) with joy, playfulness and kindness. We embrace water as a natural element to enjoy, treasure, explore and respect, not fear. Swimming is a life skill that can be practiced by all people at all ages, in all situations and at all levels… including recreation, sport, therapy, rehabilitation, safety, health and well-being, fitness, and stress reduction.


Our Environment is child-friendly, stimulating, stress-free and tailored to the developmental needs of children—enriched with toys, games, songs, colors, textures, manipulatives and apparatus. We foster an environment that puts us “in the moment” with the child.


Our Methods are gentle, child-centered and age-appropriate.  We introduce skills only when the child is open, relaxed, ready and receptive.  We never force, rush or push children to learn. We opt for tear-free learning—no traumatizing, no forced back float, no forced or aggressive submersions.  We are guiding a learning process, not forcing compliance or submission. The skill is never more important than the child.


Our Teachers are nurturing, patient and experienced guides who offer skills both to the group but also based on individual readiness.  Our staff is highly talented and especially in tune with the well-being, happiness and feelings of the children who are our students.


Our Swim Parents are active co-teachers with us in the pool in our group class format—part of a culture and community of caring, patience and positive encouragement.  They are in the moment with their child. They understand that true learning takes time and practice and cannot be rushed for convenience sake. Our parents celebrate each small step along the path and address their children and others in a mindful way.


Our Requirements are both parents in tune with their child and on board with our gentle, child-centered approach. We are looking to embrace parents who want to spend time with their child, love them for who they are, and allow them to blossom on their own schedule. If your adult expectations (both Mom and Dad) exceed your child’s readiness or your teacher’s expert evaluation or guidance (ie: you are in a big hurry)—this is not the swim school for you.


Our Results come with time, patience and practice…they come in progressive levels, each requiring foundation skills that help build the next level.  We help develop happy, safe, confident swimmers who love the water and love learning.

 Are you ready to relax and let the journey unfold?

Let’s go make some childhood memories!!

Liam enjoying his week-end swim time with mom and dad.

Liam enjoying his week-end swim time with mom and dad.